• TR90

    We use Switzerland EMS ultra-light technology memory plastic GRILAMID TR90 which has strong elasticity and collision resistance, super durable polymer. Our TR90 sunglasses can offer super lightweight, flexible and comfort for long-time wearing.
    For those looking for toughness, extreme flexibility, luxury and a long-lasting piece of eyewear, then there could be no any better option than the modern TR90 material frames. This frame type ranks on the top when we are looking for comfort and durability at the same time.

  • Floating

    Waterfloat floating material -  Never worry your sunglasses will be lost during ocean activities.

    1. Unique composite materials create lesser density than water to make sunglasses floated.

    2. Materials with high bio-contents and polymers with strong properties.

    3. Rigid, flexible and light weight.

  • OTG

    OTG means Over the Glasses which are made to fit over your prescription glasses or readers for convenient sun-protection. If you have to wear optical glasses, over-the-glasses goggles are the best option to protect your eyes from UV ray and keep your vision clear when you are doing outdoor sports.